10 Reasons Why You Should (Re)Watch The Clone Wars


Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiered in 2008 and instantly restored my faith and love for the Star Wars universe after the prequels crushed my tiny heart into coal. Dave Filoni Created the series under Lucasfilm Animation and it ran for 131 episodes over 7 years. I’m not counting the movie, cause that blew chunks, but the series… the series did what the films could not- it expanded the universe and built a galaxy at war with real and fantastic characters, dire and exciting situations that threatened the cosmos on a grand and intimate scale. It was a true Star Wars story, told with humor, heart, and imagination. And in light of the big ball of meh, that is Solo: A Star Wars Story, I beg you to (re)watch The Clone Wars and rekindle your love of the Star Wars beyond Star Wars.


Here are 10 reasons why you should run to your Netflix and watch The Clone Wars, right now.


1) They make the Prequels worth it.

Look, the prequels sucked, there’s no two ways about it. But because of them, we have the Clone Wars. Those movies were bad, sure… but they were built on some solidi sci-fi ideas; A war between clones and robots, a forbidden love between politics and religion, the fall of the Jedi order due to it’s own hubris, the rise of an evil monarch playing both sides of the conflict, the twisting of a good warrior into an instrument for evil. These are rich ideas that are the basis for some mediocre story telling in the films, but in the TV show, they are explored from various angles, seen through different characters, and expanded upon in brilliant ways. They showed us how the universe reacts to the war. It gave cause and effect to those awful senate scenes, making the politics means something. The films laid solid groundwork, but the script and story were sorely lacking, and that’s what The Clone Wars gave us… and continue to give us even on multiple re-watches.

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