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Star Wars has long been a popular movie and a number of video games as well as slot games have been created based on this film. Players who access online casinos will find a large assortment of slot games from various developers and will surely be able to enjoy some Star Wars thrills as they play and try to win great payouts. Some of the leading casinos have hundreds of games that can be played for free and for real money and players will always find new and exciting games. With Star Wars themed slots, players will enjoy multiple paylines, innovative bonus rounds and hours of entertainment. The Star Wars theme has been a popular one for many games over the years and with the recent release of new Star Wars movies, many more slots will emerge that feature this popular theme.

Benefits of Star Wars Slots

Slot games are preferred by many players online and since these games are easy to play, require little knowledge and no strategy, they are perfect for any gambler. When players access an online casino, they will find hundreds of amazing titles from leading providers. Many players will prefer a themed game that offers a familiar storyline and known characters. This is why the Star Wars slot games have become so popular with thousands of players all around the world. With these slots, players will see clips from the movies, will enjoy great payouts and will also hear amazing soundtracks while spinning.

The thrill of playing any Star Wars slot game will come from triggering the multiple bonuses features. These are all based on the theme of the game and provide players with amazing chances to boost their bankroll while enjoying an innovative bonus round. Some games will allow players to fly aircraft, some will have a fight match between characters and others offer free spins like many video slots. Another great benefit of enjoying Star Wars slot games is the ability to control bet amounts. At online casinos, players can alter their bets at any time to suit their budget, so they are always in control of wager amounts. Since online casinos are available 24 hours a day, players will always have the ability to find a casino site that features a top-rated Star Wars slot game.

Top Star Wars Slot Games

Casino game developer IGT offers a great Star Wars slot game. One of the great Star Wars games from this provider is the Star Wars Trilogy. This fun-filled game is loaded with action and is based on the three original Star Wars movies. The game can be played for a minimum 30 credit bet, and this can be increased to 90 credits. What makes this game appealing is the familiar theme as well as random features and great bonus rounds. The main bonus in the game is quite innovative and is called the Battle of Yavin. Here, players will take on the role of an X-Wing fighter and will fly a mission. There are two other bonus rounds in the game, so this is definitely one worth playing. With the great theme, outstanding IGT graphics and super bonus features, the Star Wars Trilogy is one of the most played games online and at land-based casinos.

Those looking for great themed games can play Star Wars online slots at leading casinos. Another great game that is based on Star Wars was introduced by Ash Gaming, now owned by Playtech. This Star Wars Slot is a 20 payline video slot selection that offers an amazing progressive jackpot. With this game, players will enjoy three different bonus rounds, including a Pocket Watch Bonus which can offer as many as 20 free spins. This game offers amazing graphics and popular characters from the film and with the chance to win a progressive through one of the bonus rounds, it is a top choice for many players at online casinos.

These are just two of the thrilling slots based on Star Wars. Players will find other titles as they access online casinos and no matter what game they play, they will enjoy an action-packed experience that offers amazing chances to be a winner. These games can also be played in free versions online, so players can preview slot machines and learn about the great bonus features and payouts before they start wagering any real money on the games.

Winning Tips for Slots

When players choose to play any of the Star Wars slot games for real money, they will want to know how to increase the chances of winning. Unfortunately, these games, like all slots, are controlled by a Random Number Generator, so there is no way to predict an outcome or alter the results of any game. However, there are some things players can do to extend their playing session, so they have more chances to win. Since both of the mentioned Star Wars slot games are progressive games, players will be trying to win these massive jackpots. The key to doing this is to maintain a budget so that the most number of spins can be played without overspending.

When playing the games, always make sure to cover all possible paylines for the best chances at winning. These games offer jackpot payouts by triggering certain bonus rounds, so players will want to watch for specific symbols that lead to these rounds. The payout rates for these games are pretty decent, so frequent base game payouts will be enjoyed which will allow players to have more time to spin for those progressive wins.

Star Wars slot games are quite popular and with the movies having a huge following, these games are hot at online casinos. When choosing where to play, try to select a site that offers regular bonuses. This can provide free cash to use in the Star Wars games and can even offer free spins, both offering more chances to win. Vladimir Konstantinov Womens Jersey

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