Tom Hanks Wanted To Play A Stormtrooper In SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY


Ever since George Lucas put NSYNC in a unseen scene of Star Wars: Episode II, special cameos have been a normal thing in the STAR WARS UNIVERSE. When JJ Abrams took over, he gave close friends cameos in The Force Awakens. From Daniel Craig and Kevin Smith voicing Stormtroopers to giving his close friend Greg Grunberg a some what big role, fans are always looking out for some big actor or actress to fill in for a small cameo. When Ron Howard took over directing duties on SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, fans assumed that Howard would include some of his go-to actors like his brother Clint and friend Paul Bettany and they were indeed both in it. Now would you believe that one of the biggest stars in the world and close friend to Howard Tom Hanks also wanted to be included in Solo in some part.

While promoting SOLO, Howard was asked if there was anyone that wanted to be in the film and he actually mentioned Hanks. He revealed that they could not coordinate a day to shoot, due to scheduling conflicts. He did state that it could happen in the future now that Lucasfilm knows that Hanks is interested in the part. So who knows, maybe we will see Tom Hanks in a Boba Fett film. Hanks would play an amazing villain so the possibilities are endless. I bet that if Howard made the film from start to finish, he could have included Hanks and any other actor buddy that threw their name in the hat to be included in Solo.

Only in the STAR WARS universe do you have A-listers that almost beg to be in it in some fashion whether it be a Stormtrooper or even a alien of some type. Who would you want to see in a Star Wars film? Let us know in the comments below! Team Canada Authentic Jersey

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