The Walking Dead’s Katelyn Nacon Wants to Be Batgirl


Superhero movies are coming to the big screen more and more each year.  So, many young actors want a chance to wear the cape.  Actress Katelyn Nacon announced she would like to be one of them.

This Memorial Day, Katelyn Nacon responded to a fan on Twitter asking, “What kinda super hero would you wanna play?”  The 18-year-old’s response was, “OMG I want batgirl.”  Katelyn is an American actress and musician best known for her role as Enid on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  She joined the cast in season 5 and has survived the zombie apocalypse to the season 8 finale.


Batgirl has been a long time favorite of comic book fans.  The first Bat-Girl debuted in 1961.  She was Bette Kane, the niece to Kathy Kane, the first Batwoman.  While other characters have carried the name, the most popular and best-known Batgirl is Barbara Gordon.  She debuted in 1967 as the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon.  Barbara originally donned the Batgirl costume as a homage to Batman for a Halloween ball.  On her way to the party, Batgirl prevented the criminal Killer Moth from abducting millionaire Bruce Wayne.  From then on she continues to fight crime as Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl has evolved over the last 50 years.  Originally a colorful sidekick like Robin, the modern Batgirl is a confident hero in her own right.  Barbara is highly intelligent with a photographic memory and genius level computer skills.  Therefore, she often uses her brains to defeat the bad guys instead of just punching them.  In 1988’s Batman: The Killing Joke, the character was shot and crippled.


The wheelchair bound Barbara did not stop fighting crime.  She took on the codename Oracle and became one of the world’s greatest computer hackers and intelligence analyst.  Oracle lended her assistance to a multitude of heroes including Batman, the Justice League, and the Suicide Squad.

Birds of Prey

Barbara could not always fulfill the missions most important to her because of confinement to a wheelchair.  Thus, she created the Birds of Prey, a small team of superheroines devoted to mostly espionage style missions.  This came to an end in 2011 when DC Comics rebooted their continuity with a newly healed Barbara Gordon.  Barbara’s Batgirl would later join a different Birds of Prey as a new member instead of the leader.

The Film

In November 2016, screenwriter Christian Hodson signed on to write the screenplay for a Birds of Prey film. The film will have a cast of famous female characters from the DC universe, both heroes and villains.  Furthermore, Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie is set to appear in it as the popular villain Harley Quinn.  In April 2018, Cathy Yan was chosen to direct the film.  It is still unknown which version of the Birds of Prey will appear.

If Batgirl is in the Birds of Prey film, do you think Katelyn Nacon is a good choice?  What other DC characters would you like to see? Comment down below. Marcus Mariota Womens Jersey

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