The Realm #6 Is Tip Tapping On Your Bridge


The group will not stand idly by after they were attacked by the orcs.  They are hot on the trail of the people responsible in The Realm #6.

Rook, Ben and Ray are following the tracks of the orcs.  They lost some good people and the town lost even more. This is a revenge mission just as much as it is a mission to prevent another attack.

The group draws closer and closer to the orcs.  However, as they camp for the night we learn more about them.  Ben was an Army Ranger, Ray was an avid outdoorsman and Rook was a…well we still don’t know anything about her.

Almost 14 years ago the spires came up and the end of civilization began.  However, just to make matters worse the electricity began to go out. It sounds like emps went off because all but old cars stopped working.

The next day they see the orcs went around a bridge to cross a river.  When they look at the bridge with binoculars they see it is barricaded and people are standing guard.  Going around the bridge will take too much time so they have to go across it. What is the toll for crossing the bridge?

I have been looking for a new epic fantasy comic for a while now.  This is not exactly that epic fantasy I want, but it is pretty close.  The story is much closer to Walking Dead than The Lord of the Rings.  In this issue the big threat is not the fantasy element of orcs but is people.

This story is progressing slowly but is never boring.  I always have a really hard time with pacing in comics.  They always seem to be going too fast or too slow. However, this issue is just right.  We learn more about the start of this whole mess and how society started to go down hill.

Ben is so badass in this issue.  He already looked like a badass viking dude, but he really shows off his skills in this issue.  If Ben and Rook stay together I pity the fool who stands in their way.

The one thing I really wish they would explain is who or what Rook is.  She is so cool, but I don’t know what she looks like or why she hides under the helmet and full suit.  I think she is an orc. Some humans are helping the orcs so maybe an orc is helping the humans.

I liked the issue and gave some much needed backstory.  When a story is moving as slow as this comic is we have to have a cool reveal soon.  I can’t wait to see what it is.






Written by: Seth Peck

Art by: Jeremy Haun

Cover by: Ming Doyle, Nick Filardi and Jeremy Haun

Release: 5/30/18

Issue: 6

Publisher: Image Comics

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