The First Heroes Looking To Save HBO’s Shaky Watchman Reboot are Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, Adelaide Clemens, Andrew Howard, Louis Gossett Jr. and… Don Johnson?!?!


A week after Damon Lindelof ‘s a long apology/brace-for-impact letter hit instagram, The Hollywood Reporter released the first round of cast announcements.

It’s almost impossible to speculate who would be who from the comics, as Lindelof claims the show will have a lot of new characters not from the original graphic novel as well as possible changing up some of the old ones.

But its fun as hell to speculate so let’s dive into this and see who we got possibly stepping into some spandex super-suits and masks.

Regina King

There are few actors you can count on to always bring it, and Regina King is one. Yes, yes, she’s very good in Lindelof’s previous hit Leftovers, or Shameless or Southland, or 24, or even waaaaaaaay back on 227. But her work in The Boondocks as the Freeman brothers is fantastic!!! Now there are not a lot of female parts in the graphic novel, so whither she is a new character, or Maybe she’s a Silk Spector family member (not because of her age… but because she has the true acting-chops to play that role) , or a New York side character- she’s gonna kill it. No doubt.

Tim Blake Nelson

Have you seen O Brother, Where Art Thou? or what about his turn on The Incredible Hulk as one Samuel Sterns who was destined to be the Leader?!! Listen, I don’t care what his contract says, he better be putting on a fluid-ink mask and calling himself Rorschach. No Doubt.

Adelaide Clemens

Yeah, (Generation) ummm, I don’t have much to go on here. She seems solid. I guess. She’s young and blond so it could be Dr. M’s ex wife, a New Yorker, or maybe the young Silk Spector… or a completely new character. But one thing is for sure. Her favorite band is No Doubt.

Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard plays a lot of bad guys. A lot. And I don’t really see him playing something different here. But what bad guy? Certainly not the big-bad Ozymandias, or The Comedian with an accent, can’t be. I’m putting my money on a new villain.

Louis Gossett Jr

Old Owlman. Gatta be. He’s Louis Gosset Jr!! Old Owlman. Done.

Don Johnson

Look, we could make Miami Vice Jokes all day, but he was great in Django Unchained and that smile?! Charming and handsome. Come on, he’s The Comedian. Right, you guys?! Right?!


I will say that the talent pool for this show is shaping up to be a really solid cast. I just hope the script is up to the level of these fine actors.

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