STAR WARS Actor Confirms Obi-Wan Kenobi Film Will Be Next Stand Alone Film



Incase you haven’t seen SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, and you live under a rock do not read further. But if you did Solo I’m sure like me you were shocked with the biggest surprise of the film. You know that cameo at the end of the film, the one that made me stand up with joy. When Qi’ra kills Dryden Vos she communicates with the true leader of Crimson Dawn, none other than DARTH MAUL! It was glorious and what made it better was that it was actually Ray Park himself that returned for the cameo. On top of this awesome cameo, we revealed last week that the next two stand alone films would indeed be a Boba Fett and Kenobi film but what wasn’t known was which would be the 2020 released film.

Over the weekend at Comicpalooza, a twitter user tweeted a picture he had just gotten signed by Park and included some interesting news that Park revealed to him. The user David Weiser said: “And the last person I met for the weekend was Ray Park. Very nice guy!

“Had a chat with him about the character of Darth Maul and various Lucasfilm endeavors.

“I’m just gonna say he strongly implied that a Kenobi movie will happen so all the reports are PROBABLY legit.”

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