Sea of Thieves : The Hungering Deep or just fishing for more players?



After mixed reviews of Rare’s massive online pirate game, they have just released new DLC. The Hungering Deep, which is the first of 3 add-ons coming this summer, yes there will be some new content, mostly cosmetic, but this will have limited time missions and content!


Only running for 2 weeks you’ll have the chance to sail the high seas searching for a Megaladon. But with Rare already saying what is being added is staying in game do you really have to play the game to get any of the new items of bonuses, I guess. So what exactly is going to be time sensitive? Is it going to be the same style missions just wrapped up in a different bow with different paper?


If you are brand new to the game are you going to be completely overwhelmed by the new content? Or what if you’re a returning player are you going to be stoked or just left to do the same repetitive mission types over and over?


Rare has also added a new communication system using “the speaking trumpet” and a flag system. Again sounds like they are just adding another layer to their mmorp-chat room experience?


The only advantage I’ve found is this DLC is FREE. Hopefully Rare will listen to the community and “up their game” with better combat and a more immersive mission system. Till then, find some scurvy rapscallions and go off the beaten path and just searching for loot.


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