EXCLUSIVE: John Cena Set to Replace Sylvester Stallone in ‘EX-BAGHDAD’


Last May, Sylvester Stallone joined Jackie Chan in Scott Waugh’s Ex-Baghdad, an action thriller that revolves around an attack on a Chinese controlled oil refinery in Mosul, Iraq. Chan, a Chinese private security contractor  is called in to extract the oil workers but discovers that the attackers’ real plan is to steal a fortune in oil, and so teams up with an American former Marine to stop them. While Stallone initially held down the role of former USMC Major “Chris Saatchi”, we have learned that Stallone has exited the film and has been replaced by John Cena.

The film is hoping to kick off production, with an $80M budget, some time this summer in China. Chan will portray “Jackie Luo”, a member of the “Snow Leopard Commando Unit” who teams up with Cena’s Saatchi to stop Paddock, the film’s antagonist, from stealing the Chinese oil. The film has several supporting roles left to fill and sounds like it will be a call back to some 80’s/90’s action films.

We’ll update on this story as it develops. Michael Dickson Womens Jersey

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