Power Morphicon 6 Just Keeps Growing


Today the next wave of guests has been announced for Power Morphicon 6 it will take place from August 17-19 at its new, larger location in Anaheim, California – the Anaheim Convention Center.


From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Walter Jones: The Original Black Ranger, Zach

Image result for walter jones power morphicon

Steve Cardenas: The 2nd Red Ranger and Zeo Ranger 3 Blue, Rocky

Steve Cardenas

From Power Rangers Time Force

Kevin Kleinberg: Played Trip the Green Time Force Ranger

Image result for trip time force power morphicon
Deborah Phillips: Played Katie the Yellow Time Force Ranger

Deborah Estelle Philips

From Power Rangers Wild Force

Phillip Andrew: Played Merrick the Lunar Wolf Ranger

Philip Andrew


From Power Ranger Jungle Fury

Anna Hutchison: Played Lily the Yellow Ranger

Anna Hutchison

From Power Rangers RPM

Ari Boyland: Played Flynn the Blue Ranger and NO, he’s not Scottish!

Ari Boyland

From Power Rangers Dino Charge

Davi Santos: Played Sir Ivan of Zandar the Gold Ranger


Also appearing for the FIRST TIME along her on screen brother at Morphicon

Li-Ming Hu

Li Ming Hu, the Silver RPM Ranger, we are going to get a BOOM TWINS REUNION!!


By far the BIGGEST news is the addition of

Kelson Henderson : A long time Ranger Veteran having over 10 different characters under his belt.


Image result for kelson henderson power morphicon


From behind the camera also joining is

Neil Kaplan who played the voice of the devilish Diabolico in Lightspeed Rescue and Elisabeth Fies who played as Stag Beetle and Octophantom in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.Neil Kaplan
Elisabeth Fies

Ryan Parrott – Writer, BOOM! Studios’ Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Comics

Ryan Parrott
will be joining Kyle Higgins to make the Power Duo of the Power Rangers comics.


Are your excited for this announcement ? Will you be attending Power Morphicon this year?




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