[UPDATE] EXCLUSIVE: Paul Rudd Being Eyed For A Lead Role In SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Film


We knew last October that Paramount had acquired the movie rights for Sonic the Hedgehog, with the studio subsequently setting a November 15th, 2019 release date for the adaptation of the iconic SEGA video series. Now we here at THS have exclusive details regarding the the film.

We have learned that Paul Rudd is being eyed for the lead human role of Tom a cop who befriends Sonic and will likely team up to takedown the evil Robotnik.

The plot is currently being kept under wraps. The live-action/CGI hybrid film is expected to begin shooting this summer in Vancouver, with a budget of $90 million.

Jeff Fowler will make his directorial debut on the film from a script by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller (Transylmania, 12 Deadly Days). Deadpool helmer Tim Miller is on board as a producer.

SEGA first introduced Sonic in 1991, with the character being seen as the company’s answer to rival Nintendo’s leading man Mario. Sonic, along with friends Tails and Knuckles, likes to spend his time running around, collecting rings, while also thwarting the evil plans of villain Doctor Eggman Robotnik. The video game series has sold more than 360 million copies.

UPDATE: Paramount has reached out stating that Paul Rudd is no longer being considered for the role of Tom. We have more on this coming.


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