Tracy Lynn Cruz Discusses What Could Have Been On Power Rangers In Space


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While attending Ontario’s Comic Revolution That Hashtag Show had the opportunity to interview Tracy Lynn Cruz for the second time. If you are a fan of the show you know that Round 1 is the regular interview and round 2 is Fan Questions. Tracy discuss many topics about her time as a Ranger like wanting to explore the relationship between her character Ashley and Andros played by Christopher Khayman Lee. She also talks about being on the show before even being a Ranger and how things differed and what she learned when she stepped into the role as the Yellow Turbo Ranger.

If you don’t know Tracy Lynn Cruz played Ashley the yellow Ranger on Power
Rangers in Space. This season was probably one of the most loved ones by the
fans because it really stepped it up with the story and character
development. One cool fact is that 2018 is actually the 20th anniversary of
the season.

In Round 2 the Power Ranger being interviewed gets to answer video questions
that fans send into That Hashtag Show.

During the interview Tracy was asked about Power Rangers changed her life after being on the series. She explains how it help develop her work ethic, she learned new skills like doing make up, and it helped her learn how to cook.

She went on to answer what her favorite set was on Power Rangers. Which
happen to be the Astro Megaship which was almost like The Millennium Falcon
from Star Wars.

When asked if there any story lines she would like to have explored more on
the show. She goes on to say how she would want to have seen more character
development from her character and Andros’ relationship.

When a fan asked her if she had met with a fan who shared their hardships that Power Rangers has helped get through. Tracy talks about how she develops a relationship meeting fans of the show and how it really changes both their lives. Tracy describes an instance where a little girl was so excited to meet with the Space Ranger team at Rangerstop. Sadly, came find out months later the girl had passed away.

Tracy is quite possibly one of the best representatives for the Power Rangers community. She takes the time to have a real connection with her fans and if she’s ever in your area we recommend meeting her in person.

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