In case you haven’t seen SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY yet, be warned there’s a BIG spoiler ahead. It’s been a custom for there to be some kind of huge surprise in the last few Star Wars films. From Han getting killed in The Force Awakens, to that epic DARTH VADER scene in Rogue One, so when I went to see Solo I knew something big was coming. Little did I know that one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe was returning and it was about damn time. After Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra kills Paul Bettany’s Dryden Vos we were in for quite the surprise. She takes off his Crimson Dawn ring, puts it on and inserts it into a communicator device on Vos’s desk and who she calls next blew my mind! A grainy hologram appears and the first thing you notice is a metal leg and robe, upon closer look….DARTH MAUL! I literally elbowed my friend next to me and she dug her nails into my arm with excitement.

What made it more amazing was that Maul was actually played by original Maul himself Ray Park. When I walked out of the theater all I could think about was where in the Star Wars timeline did this take place? What I really wanted to know was who’s idea was it to bring back Maul. Well in a recent interview with comicbook.com SOLO co-writer Jonathan Kasdan revealed all:

”So it was something that I’d been subtly laying in hopefully early on.

“I always sort of thought that’s a character I adore from the prequel trilogy I felt like was under-utilised in the prequel trilogy.

“So it was something that, when we realised that we wanted someone in the crime world above Dryden, we wanted it to feel like there were bigger fish than even the ones we get to meet in this movie.

“There was no one more lethal and more in the spirit of the ultimate villain that we could identify in the trilogy than him.”

He added: “That’s something that I sort of always wanted, and Ron was very supportive of. Sort of intuited that it’s what I wanted, and we made it happen.”

Now true Star Wars fans know that Maul had a life after The Phantom Menace in both the Clone Wars animated series and Rebels. Maul had a epic finale with Obi-wan Kenobi on Rebels that brought him full circle. It was one of the most amazing moments in the series hands down. Knowing that he’s back in the film galaxy gives me hope we’ll finally get to see that epic confrontation in live action.

WHAT did you guys think of Maul’s appearance in SOLO? Justin Pugh Authentic Jersey

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