Letitia Wright Keep Pushing To Be The Next Black Panther, But Shuri Needs To Think Bigger


Black Panther was a great film that not only killed at the box office, but was loved by critics and civilians alike. Letitia Wright’s Shuri was a huge part of that as not only a breakout star but a very funny and relatable character that shined brightly through Black Panther and Infinity War. This led to a monumental wave of love and predictions that she will become the next Black Panther.

Fueling this fire, Letitia Wright seems to be taking every opportunity to fan this flame.

She recently said, “If the opportunity came about, then why not? It would be comic book accurate. Yeah, that would be amazing. It means more training, more learning and it would really be an amazing adventure. Shuri becomes a savage in the comic books. From going to comedic and fun and like a kid – to then just pulling out some claws. I’m excited.”

Before that she tweeted to her Director.

And even still, when directly asked the question, she said,

“We didn’t talk about it in terms of the future. It was something I feel he was playing with [trying] to set up, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully it does. I’m happy that there’s room to allow Shuri to grow. I wanna sit with her a little bit more.”

So, the director is in, the actress is in… but let’ take a step back and look at what this would mean.

For her to become The Black Panther, T’Challa would have to die or step down as king, or at the very least share the mantel with Shuri. Yes, in the comics they share the mantle but only one is the King/Queen of Wakanda and how they got there is soooooooo convoluted. Not to mention, her Black Panther run is super-highly sexualized in the creepiest way.

So, neither of those options seem befitting to her character. She needs to break out on her own and I think Marvel has done something with the character that is not only unique, different from the comics, and a great set-up for a more deserving role.


In the comics, Shuri isn’t as technically inclined or as snarky as another new hero. You know it. I’m talking about Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart. Shuri fits this character perfectly and the rumors are all pointing that way with an equal amount of fan support for this theory.

Shuri has the know-how and the drive to be the next, and if I do say, better, Iron Man. Let’s face the facts, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark isn’t gonna be around for ever, and seeing as thought the JUST brought T’Challa in on the most recent Marvel wave, I doubt his Black Panther isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (yeah yeah, come on… I don’t want to do spoilers here, but we all know what’s what.). Also, I’m sure a female Black Panther costume would be cool, but how cool would a Female Black Panther/Iron Man outfit look… and think of all the ways she could upgrade it!!!!

That would be an amazing suit…

Come ON!!!!

So, for me. I’m all on Team Ironheart…

 That said, if Letitia Wright keeps this campaign going, she- and only she, might convince me otherwise.


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