SPOILER: Solo: A Star Wars Story Screws Up Han’s Name


I kinda dug Solo: A Star Wars Story. It has some problems, but it’s biggest isn’t plot, pacing, acting, or characters. Nope. It’s continuity. As in, they screwed up the origin of Han Solo’s last name.

Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name”… well, if you are gonna make a big deal about it… a lot. A few million dollars in production costs, hours of editing, re-writes, actors to say the name and embody it… So, for something so important… ho did the screw it up so bad?!

Mild Spoilers ahead as I punch holes in the script to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In the beginning of the movie we find Han on Coruscant running from just about everyone. In order to escape, as seen in the trailers, he signs up for the Imperial Navy in order to be a pilot and the following conversation happens.

Imperial Recruitment Officer: Han, what?? Who are your people?

Han: I don’t have people, I’m alone.

Imperial Recruitment Officer: Ummm… Solo! Approved.


Han either doesn’t know or is reluctant to give his last name. Fine, cool. Not the most well written origin to one of the most famous names in film, but it’s cannon now so no arguing about it.

Or is it.

A few action scenes later, Lando and Han are in the cockpit of the hollowed Millennium Falcon. Their conversation, as transcribed, is as follows…

Lando: You know your stuff.

Han: I’ve been on one before. My dad worked the line at the C-plant before he got laid off. He built these. He wanted to be a pilot, but eh.

Lando: You close with your old man?

Han: Not really.


So, either Han is lying to Lando or he never asked his dad what his last name was. Either way, it’s some contradictory or at the very least, shady writing there.


Now look, there are a lot you can assume to justify this.

Maybe Han didn’t want to use his dad’s last name and liked “Solo” better.

Maybe they forgot to proof read the script.

Maybe this just bugs the hell out of me because if you’re gonna pull a name origin story, do it right!

Either this is something that needs a better explanation, because the relationship between Han and his father could be something really interesting. Or even him lying to Lando about his past and where his knowledge of starships could be a good additional moment as well. But instead, we throw in a some dialogue that contradicts each other or at the very least muddies the waters of an origin you spent so much time, energy, and money setting up.

Star Wars has always done one thing right, world building. This is bad world building. I’m sure I’m not the only person that noticed this and like Parsecs being a measure or space, they can explain it away easily enough… but they shouldn’t have to.

Lazy, sad writing.

At he very least, they didn’t say that Solo translates to “Hope”.

That would have been too much, am I right?!!!

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