X-MEN Producer Simon Kinberg is Co-Writing the Boba Fett STAR WARS Spinoff with James Mangold


It’s been rumored for a while now that Simon Kinberg—who’s been a producer and/or writer on every X-Men movie since The Last Stand—was working in some capacity on the long-in-development Boba Fett Star Wars Story. We still don’t have official confirmation of Kinberg’s involvement in the troubled spinoff, but new reporting suggests that Kinberg is indeed working on the standalone movie about everyone’s favorite Mandalorian.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter dropped the news that Logan and 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold has reached a deal with Lucasfilim to write and direct the Boba Fett project, taking over directorial duties from Josh Trank, who was fired way back in 2015. When THR first dropped the news, there was no mention of Kinberg, but they’ve since gone back and updated the article to reflect statements from their sources that Kinberg will be producing the Boba Fett movie, as well as co-writing the script with Mangold.

Boba Fett

Simon Kinberg

This is…side-eye causing news, in my opinion. Kinberg is an able producer, helping shepherd a number of polished blockbusters to screens, but his work as a writer is much more mixed. Looking just at the X-Men franchise, Kinberg has served as a writer or co-writer on The Last Stand, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. We obviously haven’t seen Dark Phoenix yet, but out of the other three films, only Days of Future Past is actually any good (he also co-wrote the unmitigated disaster that is Trank’s Fantastic Four).

That’s not to say that the Boba Fett movie is in completely dire straits. After all, James Mangold will also be a writer, and he’s currently riding high off of a surprise Oscar nomination for his work on the Logan screenplay (alongside Scott Frank and Michael Green), the first time a script for a superhero movie has received recognition from the Academy. And Mangold and Kinberg have a previous relationship from Kinberg’s role as a producer on Logan, so they’ll hopefully have a strong collaboration in the Star Wars universe as well.

At any rate, we’ll find out for ourselves whether Kinberg and Mangold can put together a solid movie about a guy whose biggest claim to fame is not saying anything and then getting pushed into a pit when the movie comes out…whenever that actually is. In the meantime, sound off in the comments and let us know if you’re excited to see Boba Fett get his own Star Wars Story.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Ryan Reaves Womens Jersey

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