STAR WARS THEORY: Was Qi’ra [SPOILERS] Apprentice All Along?



You’re probably are mind blown that DARTH FREAKING MAUL is on screen again since The Phantom Menace and holy shit it was cool! When I saw his boots in the hologram I knew it was him. I had to see the movie a second time to really pay attention to detail and here’s what I caught. The details actually begin in the middle of the film.

Think back to when see Qi’ra on the yacht. She’s wearing a very nice long black dress and oh yeah….a gold metal statement necklace. If we fast forward to the Maul scene, he is also wearing the same necklace. Ok now let’s go to Kessel and specifically to the scene where all hell breaks loose. When L3 and Qi’ra are alone with the leader of the factory, she does crazy tricks and we see her cape going everywhere.

After we hear L3 say “Wow. I’ve never seen someone do that before” I’m guessing Qi’ra did some cool stunts that maybe….an apprentice would do…..Get my drift?

Then let’s fast forward some more and go to the part when she attacks Dryden Voss. She held that sword like a single blade lightsaber…with two hands. She then proceeds to do a routine that would also work well with a character like Rey. She screams Darth Maul apprentice to me. She may or may not be force sensitive either. It’s not the first time we’ve seen non force sensitive beings trained in the Jedi/Sith arts.

The video games have done it in the past. When she contacts Maul he is amused with what happens with Han Solo but he thought that Qi’ra should head to Dathomir right away so they could work…more closely. Does this mean she’s going to maybe complete her training? Maybe she was the apprentice of Dryden whom was interesting physically. Whenever he got angry his eyes and scares flared up and turned red.

Along with that he fought with two blades that had a lightsaber type blade that was on each side. It’s unclear if this is all related or not but there’s a pretty good chance it is. Hopefully we’ll get a clear explanation soon. Bradley Pinion Jersey

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