Harrison Ford Rates SOLO: What Did He Think?


Absolutely no one is envying the pressure that Alden Ehrenreich is under this week. After securing the role of young Han Solo in the movie SOLO, he was guaranteed to become a household name. But first, he would have to live up to the bar set by Harrison Ford — and not to mention, hopefully get the seal of approval from Ford himself.

Even though Ehrenreich will have a ton of material to work with on his own with his multi-picture deal he signed, Solo has to do well enough to get the attention of fans. If the fans don’t turn out, the bad ratings could be felt even in a galaxy far far away.

However, with early showings of the movie across the country, it looks like Ehrenreich has nothing to worry about. He has not only gotten the attention of Harrison Ford, he’s even got the stamp of approval. Ford has apparently seen the movie twice, according to Variety. Ron Howard talked to Variety and mentioned just how much Harrison Ford adored the young actor’s take on his own character.

“I had never heard Harrison effusive about anything, and he was raving about it. He said, ‘Alden nailed it. He made it his own.’”

This is a huge deal for the young actor, considering the fact that Harrison Ford doesn’t have the best relationship with the Star Wars phenomenon. Even though he came back in The Force Awakens, he was happy to see his character die. He was probably the only person watching the movie who was!

However, it looks like Ford is more than willing, and happy, to pass the torch on to the young actor and allow the audience to see what exactly Han Solo was like as a young child. And having Ford’s stamp of approval definitely should make even the most skeptical Star Wars fan choose to go see the movie. Reshad Jones Womens Jersey

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