Top Easter Eggs We Noticed On Dryden Voss’s Crimson Dawn Yacht


Dryden Voss has the swankiest joint in the galaxy. With gold everything, singers, diamonds, FREAKING EASTER EGGS IN THE BACKGROUND, you get it. When you hear someone’s got a yacht in Star Wars, some of you die hard fans might think of the gangster Goto from Knights of the Old Republic II who also had a yacht of his own. He loomed over Nar Shaddaa just like Crimson Dawn loomed over anything of value in the galaxy. Anyway, when Dryden takes Beckett, Han, and Chewie into his private quarters there were a few Easter eggs in the background that made me feel like I had a bunch of butterflies in my stomach.

First to be noticed was the Mandalorian armor. The helmet looked like a classic mandalorian helmet which in the timeline wouldn’t be something very old but most likely served as a trophy. It would be cooler if there were a Nemo Crusader type helmet or even a Death Watch helmet as an ancient artifact he had in there. Another one that made me go wild was the Sith Holocron.

Holocrons aren’t really discussed in the films but if you don’t know what a Sith or Jedi holocron is it’s how they record knowledge. Sith Holocrons in the past have made awful and unappealing noises that come out from them. I found it interesting as to why he would have something like that but watching the movie a second time I think maybe I understand why. But beyond all that, I wish I knew what the other stuff he had in there was but I think it’s really cool that Ron Howard threw that in there.  Paul Hornung Jersey

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