Paul Bettany Was The Perfect Villain We Needed In SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY




One of the most entertaining performances in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, was the villain himself Dryden Vos played by the enigmatic Paul Bettany. Believe it or not it was Paul that contacted director Ron Howard when he first found out that Howard was taking over director duties after Lord and Miller were let go from the film. Bettany says,

I… having texted, having texted Ron, having said, um, hey, Ron, um, hey, Ron, um, you haven’t spent long winter evenings like I have wondering why you’re not in the Star Wars franchise?

And 4 weeks later Bettany was on set of Solo and the rest is history. Now I can only imagine the thought process that Bettany had to go thru going from a super hero in Vision from the Avengers to then strapping in to play a bad ass like Dryden Vos.

it was just… lovely to play somebody, having, you know, come from Avengers where… Vision is fundamentally good.  Just somebody who’s just deliciously bad; I’m really okay with it.  Just… no neurosis. No guilt. Just super happy about being evil. 

What I loved about Vos was how slimy yet funny and inviting he was to Han, Chewy and Beckett. Dryden Vos is a crime lord who is high up in a powerful crime syndicate called Crimson Dawn. He is seemingly near-human, with long red lines running across his face. Now I’ve heard Crimson Dawn mentioned before in canon but I honestly know nothing about them just that they’re a mafia family of sorts. And you get a taste how rich and powerful this syndicate just by being on board Vos’s yacht. He is introduced as a very lavish and opulent collector, known for his gigantic yacht filled with treasures from across the galaxy. He’s not afraid to get dirty and we see him kill right off the bat.

We are meant to believe that Vos is the leader of Crimson Dawn, and you see this first hand when he almost kills Beckett, Han anD Chewy but gives them another chance to come up with Hyper fuel. But at the end that’s all a rue when we see Qi’ra call Darth Maul and the true leader of Crimson Dawn is revealed. Sadly we might not see Vos in another film but including him in comics and novels will undoubtedly keep the story of Dyden Vos going for years to come. Robin Lehner Womens Jersey

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