Is Bringing Back AURRA SING Into The STAR WARS Universe Good Or Bad?



In the film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, there is a scene where Lando thanks Beckett for “taking care of” aka killing Aurra Sing. I think Aurra was a problem for everyone so I’m sure Solo wasn’t the only one wanting this to happen. We haven’t seen Aurra Sing since the Clone Wars and prior to that, watching Anakin race at the Boonta Eve pod race. I think it’s really cool to see her be used like this again. If you have no idea who Aurra Sing is, she’s a bounty hunter from the Hutt moon, Nar Shaddaa. She’s iconic for her edgy ponytail and sniper rifle. She’s been affiliated with Hondo Ohnaka, Boba Fett, Ziro the Hutt, Bossk, and Cad Bane.

The part that Lucasfilm really focused on with her was the fact that she took Boba under her wing after his father, Jango, had died. She mentored him and taught him how to be a good bounty hunter at a young age along with taking on somewhat of a motherly role. I think it’s quite interesting that they chose Aurra as the bounty hunter to use as an Easter egg. There were plenty of notorious bounty hunters to choose from so I wonder if choosing her is significant or not. Despite her being one of the most well known of the bounty hunters she was well known for being powerful and really ruthless.

Despite her efforts with Boba, she was still a selfish woman underneath it all and left Boba to hang dry. Not much else is known about her except for how her and Hondo had a flirtationship. I mean do you really think her and Hondo would have made good parents for Boba? Probably not. Despite her terrible acts, she is still one really cool side character in Star Wars.

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