Secrets behind James Bond’s popularity


James Bond has been one of the longest-running film franchises with its first picture released 55 years ago in 1963. The film series shows no signs of ending with the 25th film due to be released next year starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007. There are a multitude of reasons behind James Bond’s longevity on the big screen.

Cutting Edge Cars

Over the years Bond has been seen driving some of the world’s most luxurious cars, some of them quite futuristic and ahead of their time. Among these is the 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 which traveled on the road, in the air and even underwater in the 1977 Bond installment, “The Spy Who Loved Me”.  Perhaps pointing to his classy side, Bond is also well-known to drive Aston Martins over the years with the first appearing in the 1964 film, “Goldfinger”.  Following its appearance in the film, the DB5 model became the best selling model.

All-around Badass

No matter how many close calls he has had over the years, one thing remains constant and that is his enduring heroism. Bond never shows fear and is confident while being cool at the same time. Whether it’s saving the world from the brink of disaster at the hands of an evil antagonist or charming one of the many pretty actresses dubbed Bond Girls over the years.

Epitome of Class

James Bond is unlike other spy characters that have hit the big screen. He exudes his own distinct level of class. He’s well known for being his fashionable attire, often mimicked by moviegoers and on runways worldwide. He always is dressed for the occasion whether it’s climbing a mountain, gambling in a casino or simply being Bond. He even is known for his taste in cocktails. His requested martini “shaken, not stirred” is a classic line in pop culture today.

When “Bond 25” is released in 2019, these characteristics of the infamous 007 will surely continue making moviegoers wonder just what dilemma will Bond find himself in this time.

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