Rumor: Universal Orlando’s 4th Theme Park Could Be Star Trek Themed


A new rumor is suggesting that Universal Orlando’s 4th theme park could be a Star Trek themed park. And this rumor is coming just a few days after Disney announced that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to be opening next summer at the Disneyland Resort, and next fall at the Walt Disney World resort. But a source close to Disney and More said, “the days of random themed areas with 5 IPs around each other are gone and they are going to transition each area nicely”. Disney and More’s source also mentioned that “the Shrek attraction is safe until they come up with whatever will take over the old Terminator building”.

So from the sound of this, it seems like the old building where the Terminator 2 3D ride was would be an ideal space for either a Bourne Identity or Star Trek attraction. But the idea of a full Star Trek themed park is pretty cool as well. If Universal has the guts to, they could try to build a life-size Enterprise. But with this as a possible idea, if this actually happens, then this Star Trek theme park could potentially compete with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge once that opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next fall. But, if that’s the case, Universal is going to have to pull out all of the stops to make it look grand to compete with Galaxy’s Edge.

Source: Disney and More

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