One of the Biggest Games of 2018 is Getting a Movie


I know what you’re thinking; movies based on games are rarely worth talking about. However, this latest announcement will get game fans excited for what could be a genuinely epic movie, especially if it’s as phenomenal as the latest game in the franchise.

It’s been a stunning year for Japanese games, but the one that really shocked the world and captured an entirely new audience is Monster Hunter World. With a massive new fan base, has announced that the Monster Movie has now secured a $60 million budget, and will start production later this year.

Another great step for Japanese gaming

Source: WestScotWarrior, via Twitter

Monster Hunter World was a smash hit at the start of the year: a game that finally brought the storied franchise to the console-preferring audience in the western markets. From gameplay to graphics to plot, the Capcom game hits the nail on the head in all sectors. It was even talked about as a game of the year contender.

But, it’s not the only gaming service of Japanese origins that has been exceeding expectations. Super Mario Odyssey is being hailed as one of the greatest Mario games ever released. Both Monster Hunter World and Super Mario Odyssey offer innovative new ways to play much-loved games. In that same vein, has also done very well, by offering hundreds of popular casino games to users of cryptocurrency.

These Japanese gaming offerings have helped to continue the nation’s hot-streak of producing exciting, innovative, and popular options for gamers.

Game-movies changing their image

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It used to be that as soon as a movie based on a game was announced, it was immediately dismissed as fans would expect it to be bad. But, recent theatrical renditions of popular video games have proven to be decent films while also doing justice to game fans.

Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander, for example, was much better than expected. It showed a more vulnerable side of Lara Croft and was more akin to the newest series of Tomb Raider games – which are sensations in themselves. It was an exciting film with strong actors and the film’s story was adapted from what is usually shown in the games. Instead of Lara finding out that the mythology is real and having to fight some beasts to save the world, the story takes a clever and genuinely enjoyable twist to better suit the cinematic audience.

As well as Tomb Raider, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has recently starred in two game-to-movie adaptations. Rampage, based on an 80s arcade game, pulled in over $400 million worldwide, per Then Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which had audiences in stitches, pulled in over $950 worldwide in lifetime gross, according to the same source.

Game-movies, although many of them play pretty fast and loose with the material given by the games, are turning perceptions and delivering some rather enjoyable films. Monster Hunter could be the next in line.

Monster Hunter movie has a star and a decent budget

Source: GameSpot, via Twitter

Paul W. S. Anderson has, according to, has been working on a Monster Hunter movie for the past couple of years. As the director of Resident Evil movies, fans of the game-to-movie genre will be very happy to hear that Anderson will be running the Monster Hunter project. Better still, he’s bringing along lead actress Milla Jovovich.

This Monster Hunter movie will have to have its fair share of action scenes and a strong story which, given the recruitment thus far, looks to be in the works. It will also have to be very heavy on the CGI. Based on the showing of other films that have operated with a $60 million budget, hopes should be quite high.

The film 300, starring Gerard Butler, was very CGI heavy but produced an original, action-packed film to the production budget of $60 million. The fact that Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Afterlife worked with budgets below the Monster Hunter movie should mean that Anderson will have more to work with.

More in the line of monster movies: Cloverfield had a budget of $25 million, but was filmed in point-of-view; Alien vs. Predator was filled with creatures to the tune of $60 million, and Jurassic Park worked under a $63 million budget.

With Anderson and Jovovich on board and a decent budget behind it, Monster Hunter fans have the right to get excited about the upcoming movie. Production is set to begin in September. Al Jefferson Jersey

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