“Solo: A Star Wars Story,” is this the Star Wars story we wanted? Or is this the story we needed? This is the first Star Wars original live action film to be centered on an original character from the original story back from 1977. Forty years of Star Wars fandom have been built up around the character Han Solo. Han Solo’s roller-coaster journey of self- discovery, which director Ron Howard describes as “about a character defining himself and the relationships that will form him.” He adds, “It utilizes Star Wars and the galaxy in really cool ways, but you don’t have to know anything about it. You don’t have to have seen another movie, read a comic book, seen a cartoon or played a video game. This is about Han discovering himself and the universe.”For none fans that sounds like a lot of fun but for Star Wars fans we don’t just want anyone driving the Millennium Falcon.


Thats some big shoes to fill for Alen Ehrenreich playing Han Solo. Was he the right choice? Producer Kathleen Kennedy comments, “Alden tapped into the things that make the character special but without imitating Harrison. He captured the essence, that maverick spirit. He was funny and charming, cool and handsome. He had all those qualities, but he also had that hidden vulnerability specific to Han. It was a very intuitive portrayal.” After seeing the film myself watching Ehrenreich performance of Han was not distracting. He was the more sunnier version of the Han we know. This time period of the film for Star Wars is really showing us how he became the Solo the Ford that audiences have know and loved for forty years.


What to expect from Han’s journey? Producer Kathleen Kennedy is happy to answer: “They can expect to have fun, laugh a lot and fall in love with Han and Chewie all over again, or for the first time.” This comment shows that not only do they want to appease the original fans but want to bring in new fans as well. Star Wars is timeless and needs to be shared with the generations. That not saying that Disney and company don’t want to make money on this franchise. They are banking that the Solo will bring in the credits already signing Ehrenreich to three other films. I think we will see more of young Han Solo in the future.


As for my thoughts I loved this film it made me feel like I was watching New Hope for the first time. It really had that sense of originality to it lots of references to other films and show in the Star Wars universe. From Han meeting Chewie and Lando to flying the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy well not really until Han get a hold of it. Even Han getting his Iconic blaster and the references. Star Wars fans are going to love the dialogue. Han finally speaking Wookie in order to not get his arms ripped off by the mighty Wookie. One of my favorite lines in the film was Lando talking to Becket referring to Becket killing Aurra Sing. That was insane writing and a lovely plug if you are really paying attention another one was Quria making a reference to Boskk. The best one was Darth Maul showing up at the end of the film I seriously can’t wait for more live action Darth Maul. “We will get our revenge” finally for having him killed off in live action Star Wars so quickly. Most fans will know however he did appear in other shows like Clone Wars and was killed by Obi wan in Rebels. Hoping that may trail into the Obi wan films leads one to think “Obi Wan now thats a name I have not hear in a long time.” I really am excited to see what happens next with young Solo. It takes along time to become the best smuggler in the galaxy with a price on your head from Jabba the Hutt But to quote Han Solo

“I have a good feeling about this.” I feel we have many adventures to see before it turn into

“I got a bad feeling about this” Kelechi Osemele Jersey

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