Exactly How Old is Chewbacca? We Finally Have An Answer!


When A New Hope came out, the cast was young, and so were the characters. But once we were introduced to Chewbacca, it was obvious he was older. Whether human years or Chewie years, it didn’t matter. Our hairy friend who had been loyal to Han Solo was canonically older than everyone else. And we didn’t question it, because, hey! Everything’s happening a long time ago in a land far far away. Why would we stop for practicalities?

However, for those who can’t help themselves and want to know how old Chewie was in each movie he appeared in, we can figure that out as well! Thanks to the second trailer of the movie SOLO, we find out the age of Chewbacca when he first meets Han…190 years old. To which Han replies, “You look great!”

To hear the conversation, watch the trailer below:

Aww, always the charmer, that Solo.

Now that we have a starting point, we can figure out how old Chewie was in the first three movies, and the subsequent movies he’s appeared in. It’s easy to get confused with the multiple universes of the Star Wars world, with the Clone Wars, Del Ray books, and any other media that makes things more confusing. Let’s just stick to the movies.

In SOLO, Chewbacca is 190 years old. SOLO takes place 14 and 11 years before A New Hope, so he’s 204 and 201. Star Wars V and VI are easy to figure out, as they’re only a year after the previous one. However, by the time we get to The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Chewie’s getting old, even for Wookie years. We can figure out that he would be 235-238 in these movies. Maybe he uses a good exfoliant to stay young? Marcus Sherels Womens Jersey

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