Top 10 Gynoids Ranked Before Meeting L3-37 in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”


‘Solo’ introduces L3-37, The First Significant Female Droid in the Star Wars Universe

41 years after the first Star Wars film premiered, a female droid is finally worthy to join the ranks of Han Solo and Chewie. L3-37 is the newest droid in the upcoming origin film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. A droid made with a combination of protocol and astromech droid parts, L3-37 is unique in that she’s constantly upgrading herself. Her name seems to be an homage to the alphanumeric gaming term “L337”, which means “leet”, short for “elite” – fitting, considering she’s Lando’s counterpart.

Gynoids – or female androids – are no strangers to the world of sci-fi. Metropolis was the first in film to introduce a female robot impersonating the character of Maria back in 1927. Since then, female robots have graced the silver screen, as well as the small screen. Until recently, these female androids have been portrayed primarily as service robots, whether it’d be as maids or sex slaves. No wonder L3-37 cares so much about droid rights.

Before we meet L3-37 this Friday, take a look as we rank the top 10 female robots in film & television.



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