The Legacy Continues (Legacy Psycho Rangers are Released)


Several days ago pictures arose online of the newest Legacy line of Power Rangers toys from Bandai. This will be the first time we get full sized Psycho Rangers! But they have only been seen in the wild in Australia, so far.

Currently all we have seen from this wave are Psycho Red and Blue. Plus the White Dino Thunder Ranger so that leaves us short 3 Psychos (Black, Pink, Yellow) and the fan favorite Legacy Silver Space Ranger. You can see from the picture we are not getting a Build-A-Figure in thes line instead Bandai opted to go with the signature weapon for the rangers. It’s a smart move considering that the Psychos didn’t have and zords to pilot. The paint looks a bit flat but not as horrible as the Gold Zeo Ranger (yes we’re all still bitter) would have been nice to get a little bit of a metallic in their colors. Particualy if and when we get Psycho Black so he’s not a a solid black figure but has some details Psycho Red and Psycho BlueFile:Legacy White Dino Ranger.png White Dino Thunder Ranger

With the Las Vegas Licensing Expo going on right now and everything Power Rangers being under the Saban banner, what does this mean for the rest of the legacy line produced by Bandai? Is this the last line that Bandai of America is going to produce? What Legacy items will we get through the end of 2018? Will Hasbro keep the line going under a different title like the Marvel Legends Series or the Star Wars Black Line. Will Hasbro make certain figures harder to get than others such as the Pink and Yellow Zeo figures are exclusive to Gamestop.

Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for further news. Garrett Grayson Authentic Jersey

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