Star Wars: The Last Jedi Coming To Netflix This June!


If you’ve been wanting to watch Star Wars The Last Jedi on a constant loop and yet you haven’t bought the actual digital or Blu Ray copy then you’re in luck! Starting this June you’ll be able to watch The LAST JEDI as much as want and you’ll be able to play back that epic Luke and Kylo moment over and over. What is surprising is how early Netlflix is releasing The Last Jedi. Back when the FORCE AWAKENS came out Netflix waited till July of 2016 to start streaming it so technically all you lucky Star Wars fans are getting your Last Jedi fix a whole month early.

The latest addition to the space saga will be available on Netflix on June 26, as reported by BuzzFeed. Yep — you only have one month left to wait! Now if I was you I’d watch these Star Wars films as much as you because when that new Disney streaming service comes around who knows how long you’ll have to Disney starts pulling out all their exclusive films. The Netflix contract with Disney is expected to end in 2019 so that means we have at least another year of watching The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Last Jedi and even Solo. So even if all the Disney films are pulled from Netflix you’ll still have the Disney service so all in all it’s still a win-win situation for Star Wars and Disney fans alike.

So now you can enjoy all the Caretakers, shirtless Kylo, Rose and Finn weird romance, Mary-Leia Poppins, Akbar dying, Yoda dancing scenes as much as want and whenever you want. I’m one of the few that actually loved The Last Jedi so I’m glad that instead of having to get my Blu-Ray cop and opening and putting it into my Playstation, now I can just put on my Netflix and enjoy this Epic film and all its glory from my phone, tablet or anywhere I can. Tracy McGrady Jersey

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