Snotgirl Vol. 2 Is So Hot Right Now


Fashion blogging icon, Lottie Person, plays it cool after witnessing a murder in Snotgirl Vol. 2.

At the end of the previous volume Person’s arch-rival, Charlene, was pushed off a balcony by Caroline aka Coolgirl.  Charlene was left a bloody corpse on the ground below. After this Person is keeping her distance from Caroline.

At Haters’ Brunch Megan Foster aka Normie brings up the idea of adding a fourth member to the group.  While debating the idea a revelation is dropped. A woman walks up and introduces herself as Misty Sutton’s aka Cutegirl’s twin sister.  However, as if that wasn’t crazy enough we learn Sutton is actually 32 years old despite her extremely young appearance.

During a meet and greet Person meets Caroline’s brother, Virgil.  He tells person that Caroline really misses her and Person should text her.  They meet up and she eventually becomes the fourth member of the group. The group goes to San Diego for an after Comic-Con party.  However, how will Caroline fit into the group?

I am always surprised how a comic I should not really enjoy can really hook me.  This is a comic about a fashion blogger with really bad allergies, but I absolutely love it.  

The series has a lot of mystery to it.  Person takes experimental allergy pills which have the side effect of causing hallucinations.  Throughout the volume Person and the reader are questioning what is real.

In the first volume and partially through this I thought Caroline was not real, but it turns out she is.  A lot of strange things do happen in relation to Caroline though so I am not ruling out something weird in regards to her.

This comic is also really funny.  Foster’s soon to be husband, Ashley, is involved in the funniest part of the comic.  He is such a dirtbag and it is hilarious. Ashley talks about wanting to sleep with Person before he is married and keeps referring to his genitals as his Zord.

A good chunk of the volume is also about relationships.  Each is a different kind of relationship with Foster and Ashley, Sutton and her twin sister, Person and her ex and her ex and Charlene all are explored.  The volume has a lot of depth into these relationships as well.

My favorite part of the series and the volume is the art.  I just can not oversell how great the art is. Every single panel is beautiful and colorful.  The characters are also all beautiful and are always in very dynamic and unusual poses. If an artist can make me fall in love with a girl with snot running down her face I don’t know any higher compliment.

I was thoroughly entertained and hooked into the story from beginning to end.  The mysteries of Person and the conflict between what is real has me eagerly awaiting the next issue.  Don’t be driven away by the fashion blogger aspect because I promise this is an outstanding comic.






Written by: Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung

Art by: Leslie Hung

Cover by: Leslie Hung

Release: 5/23/18

Volume: 2

Publisher: Image Comics

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