San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Megazord Revealed!


With the Toys “R” Us liquidation sales coming to a close. We have something else to throw our wallets at! We get our first look at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Megazord/Daizyujin!!!

What makes this version unique is the remarkable repaint! Aside from the original color, this repaint is all black with teal accents that truly give the figure that WOW factor.

Given the fact that Hasbro now owns all of Power Rangers. Do you think it is possible that they will stop the production of figures like these? Or should they just continue to let these other companies sell their own versions?

Let us know what you think! In the words of Troy from Megaforce, this Megazord gets a “Super Mega Win!!!” (I know some of you cringed reading that)

This exclusive figure can only be purchased at San Diego Comic Con 2018 at the Bluefin Brands booth. Jose Fernandez Jersey

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