Ron Howard Re-Shot 70% Of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY


After almost a year of shooting, the world will finally get to see what is the next chapter in the Star Wars Universe in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. What was supposed to be a simple four month shoot last Feb to July 2017 became a mess of a production that didn’t wrap filming until October of 2017. When Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go by Disney and Kathy Kennedy with only weeks left in production, not much was known what really had happened. At the time the only thing we knew was that there were creative differences with Lord and Miller and writer Lawrence Kasdan. Kennedy quickly hired Ron Howard to finish the film and the rest is history. Well sort of, there still wasn’t too much info on what it really was like on set with Lord and Miller and now an article in the latest Variety we get a glimpse of how it really was. 

Since Howard directed 70% of the film he receives sole directing credit for the film which means Lord and Miller got only producer credits. All in all with reshoots, SOLO cost an estimated $250 Million to make which must have made Kennedy not to happy. Ron Howard went on to say “I didn’t witness any of the difficulties or where that disconnect was,”. “But the one thing that I could bring to it was objectivity. I saw it as an opportunity.”

One unknown crew member went on to describe what it was like on set, “I got a lot of overtime [under Lord and Miller], which ultimately was their downfall,” the crew member says. “The first assistant director brokers that with production. He ultimately went to the well one too many times, and Kathleen Kennedy blew up.” Howard became very close with cinematographer Bradford Young because it meant a lot to Howard how the film looked, “Howard was inseparable from [director of photography] Bradford Young,” says the crew member. “You can totally see the love affair because Howard seemed super invested in how the film looked. Lord and Miller didn’t seem too fussed with that aspect, really.”

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