Power Rangers Toys Coming to Burger King!!!


As our 90’s love for Toys “R” Us comes to an end. The 90’s are coming back with new Power Rangers toys coming to kid’s meals at Burger King!!!

Who remembers flying into Burger King or McDonald’s knowing you were going to get a kid’s meal toy. One of my favorite sets was the Hot Wheels and the Power Rangers Movie toys from McDonald’s. Or the Pokémon Gold Plated cards and the Rugrats watches from Burger King!

In celebration for the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers. Burger King will be releasing a set of five Mighty Morphing Power Rangers figures. (the core team Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black) No release date set yet, but it is stated that the toys will be included in the kid’s meal and available for purchase.

The first look at the toys was at the Licensing Expo 2018 in Las Vegas. This is one amazing way to bring back nostalgia and a way for Saban Brands to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our beloved colored spandex heroes. With the recent acquisition of Power Rangers from Hasbro, this could be a sign of Hasbro already making moves!

Burger King restaurants all over the country get prepared because both children and adults alike are about to raid your locations to collect all five rangers! Jori Lehtera Jersey

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