Time to Xbox and Chill (New Games This Week)


A bunch of new games are dropping this week and here’s what we’ve got our eyes on.


Disco Dodgeball Remix

This game is a great way to get some frustration out while listening to some techno and controlling a unicycle robot, yes a unicycle robot! This game reminds you of the fun worlds of Splatoon and Tron, rolled together for a pumping and bumping good time. It’s going to be your new “Favorite Sport-Type-Thing.”



This fascinating puzzle game, with mechanics you’ve never seen, is designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts is going to make you think about all the little things that connect it all together. Go beyond what’s right in front of your face and enjoy the interactive puzzle experience.



I Hate Running Backwards

Take Minecraft, Narc and 1942. Jumble them up together and you get “I Hate Running Backwards” instead of the standard top down shooter you have aren’t heading towards the top of the screen in the usual fashion you have to watch your six as enemies come up from the bottom of the screen. The explosions are massive and the weapons are just out there! With couch Co-op enjoy it with your friends, family or even your spouse.


State of Decay 2

Survival is not a single mans sport. In this follow up you can now team up with up to 3 friends to survive and thrive in one of 3 maps. Resources are scarce and with the addition of the new plague zombies, foraging for resources will now be a repetitious nightmare. Zombies aren’t the only thing that should be on your radar, humans are now the enemy of frenemy just depends how you play the game of life or death.



Sudden Strike 4: European Battlefields Edition

Ever want to trounce or save Europe during World War II now you can in the port to Xbox straight from the PC with all the addition content, included! Command your armies from America, Britain, Germany and Russia in this RTS over 3 different campaigns with over 100 units at your command. Step back in time and blow something up.


Dark Souls Remastered

Jump back into Lordran in stunning Hi-Def graphics running at a smooth 60fps. This includes the Main game plus the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. The game play is just like you remember and but the new graphics are going to give you a feeling of deadly déjà vu. Plus, YOU DIED, already.


Super Hyperactive Ninja

This 2-D platformer is franticly caffeinated. An evil shogun has stolen all the coffee in the world and it’s up to you and your team of ninja each with their own skills to get the coffee back or your powers of Coffee-nin will be gone, forever!


Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPG

A simple turn based RPG style game using a bit of top down crawling will light your way square by square. The great thing about this game is its light hearted approach which makes it easy to be able to pick up and put down if you just want to drift down into a dungeon for a bit. Craft items, crush creatures and loot loot loot!


oOo: Ascension

If I said to take Super Mario Galaxy’s platforming and combine it with Asteroids you would have the gorgeous Xbox One exclusive oOo Ascension. Spinning around these globes will make you consider your next moves far in advance of you might just have to gas it to the end and hope for the best. The sleek and smooth style of puzzle platforming will keep you coming back for more.

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