REACTION: The Happytime Murders Trailer


Have you ever wondered what Sesame Street would be like if given the same treatment Team America: World Police gave Thunderbirds? Or what Avenue Q the movie would be like if they removed all the songs and feel good bits, and let Seth McFarlane write the adaptation? Well, you’re in luck, because those musings are going to be answered in The Happytime Murders.

The genius mind that made my childhood, son of Jim Henson, Brian Henson, is here to destroy it. The Brian Henson directed The Happytime Murders features Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale, Maya Rudolph, and a cast of bad ass puppets. The Red Band trailer was released this week playing ahead of Deadpool 2 and riding a wave of hype started at Las Vegas CinemaCon.

This is not your childhood muppet movie. Set in an alternate Los Angeles where puppets and humans co-exist, Melissa McCarthy, and a puppet detective are forced to work together to uncover who is murdering the former cast of the children’s classic, “The Happytime Gang.” They encounter a lot of puppet prostitution, drug use, muppet murder, one-liners, and an eye-popping muppet sex scene. 

After having just watched the forgotten, cancelled after 11 episodes, Greg the Bunny, I’m totally here for The Happytime Murders. While I don’t think it’ll make the political commentary Greg the Bunny was so adept with, I think it’ll serve a lot of raunchy, irreverent laughs. McCarthy (hopefully) won’t go too over the top in this one, and let the puppets do the work.

The Happytime Murders opens August 17, 2018.  LaDainian Tomlinson Authentic Jersey

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