Happy 45th Birthday: Top Eight Films Inspired by The Exorcist


Back in December of 1973, a film that would usher in a new era of modern horror premiered. Now, in 2018, we hit the 45th Anniversary of The Exorcist. The film, inspired by the real life exorcism of Roland Doe, left audiences both traumatized and wanting more. There was nothing like this film before, and it would inspire horror movie franchises for the decades to come.

In celebration of The Exorcists 45th anniversary, I wanted to share my top 8 favorite possession/exorcism films (in no particular order.)

Starting with:

Repossessed: a film directly inspirationed by The Exorcist. If you’re a fan of parody films a la Naked Gun, Spaceballs, Major League, Scary Movie, etc. then Repossessed is a movie for you! From the mind of Mel Brooks, and starring Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun), Anthony Starke (The George Carlin Show), and even Linda Blair (The Exorcist), Repossessed is a comedy film that parodies the events of The Exorcist including the green-vomit and head-spinning scenes.

“The Devil’s back. But he’s never dealt with an exorcist like this!”

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