Could Grand Admiral Thrawn Appear In STAR WARS EPISODE IX??


The possibilities are endless when it comes to which character or characters director JJ Abrams could conceivably bring back anyone and I do mean anyone. And if a small announcement at this past weekends Comic Con Revolution is an indication than we might in for a treat. If your’e a huge STAR WARS fans like me then you remember a time when there wasn’t any Star Wars films so when we got instead were probably some of the most amazing books I was lucky enough to read in the mid 1990’s. From Shadow of the Empire to Tales from the Cantina, you had your pick of stories but there were two books in particular that became legendary and introduced one of the baddest Star Wars villains of all time. Dark Force Rising and The Last Command were written by probably one of my favorite authors of all time Timothy Zahn. He’s become the greatest SW author in my eyes and with those two books he created Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that Thrawn would become a character in the new “Disney” Star Wars Universe. That was until Star Wars Clone Wars and REBELS creator Dave Filoni decided to make the Grand Admiral canon and introduced him to the world in Rebels. When we last saw Thrawn, Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger took him to the unknown where no one knows seen them since.

Now back to this past weekends Comic Con Revolution. Thrawn writer himself Zahn was actually in attendance and had a panel. During the panel he mentioned he was still under contract for not one but two more Thrawn books but they were in limbo until details for EPISODE IX were finalized. Could Abrams be bringing in Thrawn? Imagine a scene where Thrawn and Rey have a climatic battle or maybe it could just be a quick cameo? The possibilities are endless. Would you even want Thrawn in Episode IX? I don’t know about you but I’m more excited for two more Thrawn books by Timothy Zahn. What do you guys think?


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