Would You Believe Young Han Solo Was Almost In STAR WARS: Revenge Of The Sith?


With SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY releasing this week, more and more Han Solo stories will be dominating the geek universe. One story that caught my attention definitely took me by surprise. If you thought Solo was going to be the first time we would see a young Han Solo then you would be very very wrong. In George Lucas’s script for STAR WARS: EPISODE III-REVENGE OF THE SITH actually featured a very young Han Solo and it would have changed the origin story that we’ve been told for the past 40 years. In the film Han Solo would have appeared as a 10-year-old child being raised by Chewbacca on the planet Kashyyyk. If this did happen we more than likely wouldn’t be getting the film we are getting this week.

In the original Revenge of the Sith script from George Lucas, a 10-year-old Han would have found a transmitter on a smashed droid during the Battle of Kashyyyk. He would have presented it to Yoda, and the Wookiees would have traced that back to its source to find General Grievous.So because of this action, we would have Han to thank for Kenobi’s victory over Grievous. This is pure George Lucas, who else would want to show you a young SOLO as a handy whip smart resourceful kid? I’m not sure how this cameo would have been accepted to be honest. I would have hated it. Look I was fine we went to Kashyyyk, I’m also fine we get to see Chewy again but to shove a 10 year old Han down our throat would have been a bit much. That’s just not the way I’d want to see Han, especially after Return Of The Jedi. It’s enough we had to get a young Anakin build both R2 and 3PO in Episode I. So I’m glad we didn’t see this cameo ruin the only prequel film I actually loved.

I’m perfectly content with Han meeting Chewy in a grungy smugglers city on route to a major Train heist then see a 10 year old being raised by Wookies. Either way Lucas did us a favor and decided to scratch this stupid idea and now we’ll get to see a better origin film this weekend. Jared McCann Womens Jersey

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