TRICK R TREAT Coming to Halloween Horror Nights!


Summer is just beginning, but horror buffs are already moving past it to get to their favorite season – Halloween! We’ve already got our first bit of Halloween news, care of Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort – Trick ‘r Treatone of the most popular scare zones last year, is returning to Halloween Horror Nights as a maze! 

The cult classic from Legendary Pictures is coming to life in a brand new Halloween Horror Nights maze that will transport scream fans to Warren Valley and allow them to come face to face with the spirit of Halloween – Sam. Don’t break the holiday’s tradition or you will be punished.

Be prepared to watch college kids transform in werewolves and ravage the town as you walk through Mr. Kreeg’s house in celebration of the dark holiday.

Beginning on September 14th, 2018, marks the 26th year of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. The festival of frights invites guests to star in their favorite horror films with multiple mazes, shows, and experiences based on iconic horror films, television shows, and urban legends.

Streets in both parks feature scare actors in themed zones, to really bring the macabre to life. Previous years have seen Cabin in the Woods, The Purge, The Exorcist, and more come to life behind the gates of the theme parks. 

The inclusion of Trick ‘r Treat is not the first tease of what’s to come to Halloween Horror Nights 2018. It was announced earlier this year that the Netflix instant hit, Stranger Things would be making its’ first appearance at the yearly event.

It’s also rumored that The Thing will be featured this year. Fans are also speculating that American Horror Story, IT, and David S. Pumpkins will be joining in the Halloween fun. That’s right – the Saturday Night Live character could be replacing the beloved Bill & Ted live show.

This year, the parks are expected to host nine mazes; seven based on known licenses, and two original ideas, along with a live show, and a possible haunted house based on the Universal classic monster series.

It’s still a bit early in the year to be planning for Halloween, but that isn’t stopping me from being very excited! I plan to visit Universal Studios Hollywood at least twice this year, and if I’m lucky – maybe Universal Orlando as well.

I’ll just have to make sure to remember the rules of Halloween – Wear a costume, hand out treats, never blow out a jack-o-lantern, and always check your candy. Remember, if you break the rules, you’ll pay the price.



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