STAR WARS THEORY: Why The Young Padawan Didn’t Fight Back Against Anakin


In Attack of the Clones, we see scenes at the Jedi Temple with Yoda teaching younglings. You’d think these kids would become some of the best Jedi because they’re learning from someone so powerful. When Anakin came into the room in Revenge of the Sith some have often wondered if the younglings even fought back. Guess what? They didn’t.

When a youngling gets a lightsaber, it isn’t actually a real lightsaber. It’s obviously a training lightsaber. The crystals used for the lightsabers are actually way weaker than the average crystal. The crystals aren’t hot enough to do any damage and the color it emits is very faint. So, when Anakin came to let’s just say…”take care”….of the younglings. They knew it was a lost cause unfortunately. What was the point of fighting back. Maybe they could’ve band together and used the force against him. It probably wouldn’t have been enough but maybe it could’ve been something, like a wound to weaken his performance.

I’m sure the children were well informed on Anakin’s reputation especially during The Clone Wars, I mean the child who had that one line called him Master Skywalker despite him not even being a master. I’m sure many of those younglings had aspired to be like him since he did so much at such a young age. Unfortunately, watching that scene is still really sad because they were so helpless it was heartbreaking. I’d hate to admit it but I’m sure this wouldn’t gone down the same if it were at a Sith Academy. I’m sure those younglings would’ve been armed with legit crystals. That’s the sad truth of the world of Star Wars.


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