Mark Hamill Teases The Return Of Luke Skywalker in Episode IX


Mark Hamill hinted that he might be appearing in Episode IX which wouldn’t be a big deal at all if Star Wars: The Last Jedi hadn’t concluded with Luke Skywalker sacrificing his life. However, Star Wars has long established that physical deaths can sometimes mean very little to Jedi Masters.

The last we saw of Luke Skywalker he was astrally projecting himself onto the faraway planet of Crait in order to distract Kylo Ren and the First Order with a lightsaber duel. When Kylo finally realizes Luke’s deception, it’s too late for him to stop what’s left of The Resistance from escaping and living to rebel another day. Unfortunately, the diversion comes at the cost of Luke’s life due to Force-projecting himself so far away and for such an extended period of time. His body disappears, exactly like we’ve seen other Jedi Masters do at the time of their deaths.

Yet, Mark Hamill is keen to remind us that death matters not to a Jedi. He tweeted out a picture of Luke Skywalker with a speech bubble that contains Luke’s last words from Last Jedi, “See you around kid.” Hamill also felt the need to drive the point home with a simple hashtag, full of implications: #Foreshadowing.

Death has always been a somewhat flexible concept in our favorite galaxy far, far away, especially for Jedi. Becoming one with The Force after physical death also means that for very skilled and powerful Jedi Masters, they can also return as Force Ghosts and are able to communicate relatively freely with other Jedi/Force-sensitive people. This is the most likely way for Luke to return in Episode IX, especially since its heavily implied that Force Ghost Luke could literally be back to haunt his nephew, Kylo Ren.

No official confirmations have been made as of yet about the plot of Episode IX. So much is up in the air, especially since JJ Abrams is back to direct and perhaps will make some course corrections due to Carrie Fisher’s untimely death in 2016 and the death of the Han Solo character in The Force Awakens means that Luke is the only remaining member of the original trio of lead characters who can possibly make an appearance in the next film.

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