L’Oreal and Mickey Mouse Have Teamed Up For Your New Favorite Beauty Line!


The red pants, the white gloves, the yellow shoes, Mickey Mouse knows a thing or two about an iconic look. And now, Mickey Mouse has collaborated with L’Oréal Paris to release an exclusive makeup collection in celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday.

Exclusive to Target, this collection features an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, mascara, makeup bag, makeup brushes, nail polish, and lipstick. Each item comes with iconic Mickey Mouse branding and features black, white, and red color theming on the packaging.

The lipsticks range from a true brick red (Devil’s Matte-vocate Red), to hot pink (Matte Mandate), to a rich coral (Matte-ly In Love). The eyeshadow palette keeps it classic with a range of nude shades that will give your Urban Decay naked pallet a run for its money.

Best of all, because this line is sold exclusively at Target and it’s very affordable staring at $5.99.

Get picture perfect with this adorable line and snap that selfie so you can wish Mickey Mouse a happy birthday on the ‘gram!





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