Disney’s Animal Kingdom: A Special Limited Edition Banshee Is Getting Released To Celebrate Pandora’s One Year Anniversary


For fans of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Pandora – The World Of Avatar, you guys know that once daytime turns into nighttime, the breathtaking landscape of Pandora turns into a bioluminescent wonderland, and it’s pretty amazing to see. On May 27th, 2018, this stunning bioluminescent wonderland has inspired a brand-new, limited release Banshee to help celebrate Pandora’s one-year anniversary!

“The interactive banshees are wildly popular with Guests exploring Pandora,” explained Katie Thompson, Global Merchandise Strategy at Disney Parks Merchandise. “This banshee celebrates the first anniversary of this exotic land at the theme park, and offers guests a unique collectible from their visit.”

This new Banshee will be packaged with a display perch and a Certificate of Authenticity. It will also be containing authentoc sounds and the mouth, head, and wings will be having range of motion and they can be controlled by hand. And currently, Windtraders has 11 different colors of Banshees, including one that was created for Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary.  And it was inspired by the moss wall that is in Pandora over by where the Flight of Passage attraction is.

I’m so excited about this new Banshee getting released, and it looks so amazing as well.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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