Universal’s Dark Universe Has Regained A Pulse ‘Links’


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There Is Always That One Dud In A Film Franchise. Take Two? Slash Film

Trick R Treat Is Coming To Halloween Horror Nights. That Hashtag Show

James Ransone And Andy Bean Join The Cast Of It Sequel. Entertainment Weekly

Zombieland 2 To Be Released In October 2019. Bloody Disgusting

The Happytime Murders Muppet Movie Is Not For Children. Independent

Go Watch The Incredible True Crime 4-Part Documentary That Is Evil Genius. BuzzFeed

Friday the 13th The Game Is Finally Becoming A Fully Realized Game. Bloody Disgusting

Still Cancelled, But Lucifer Fans Will Get Two New Episodes This Month. Deadline

RIP Bill Gold Who Designed The Exorcist, Casablanca, And A Clockwork Orange. Hollywood Reporter

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