Comic Rewind: Marvel 1872


The town of Timely has had its fair share of troubles, but things are about to get much more troublesome in Marvel 1872.

Red Wolf’s people relied on the river to survive.  Governor Roxxon diverted the Kirby River to suit his own needs.  Red Wolf is going to save his people’s livelihood by blowing up the dam.

He gets caught and some people who work for Roxxon try to lynch him.  However, Sheriff Steven Rogers gets wind of this and frees him. In Timely you get a trial for your crimes so Red Wolf gets put in jail until the trial.

Mayor Fisk pays Rogers a visit and implores him to hand Red Wolf over.  Hostilities begin to build between Rogers and Fisk. After Roxxon hears of Fisk’s failure he sends in his Sinister Six to complete the job.

Marvel 1872 was written by Gerry Duggan, Alan Cowsill and Roy Thomas.  Art was by Jim Cheung, John Buscema and Nik Virella. Marvel Comics published the volume in 2015.

I like the wild west time period and having Marvel heroes in that time period is really appealing to me.  This story has a bunch of different heroes in it. Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and even Benjamin Urich just to name a few “good guys” in the book.  However, there has to be “bad guys” too. Bullseye, Doc Ock and Elektra make up some of the Sinister Six.

A problem I had with the comic is I wanted a bit more fighting.  It spent a lot of time setting characters up and not enough action.  At the end there was a lot of action, but it should have been spaced out more.

The world was set up really well, but I felt like I was just dumped into it.  It mentions characters like Hank Pym and I like how it felt very populated. However, I wanted to see Pym and know why he isn’t around.  When they do that it is just a tease and I don’t like that. I felt like they wanted to do more in this world, but then they had to quickly wrap it up.

When the story wrapped up it didn’t feel complete.  It just seemed a little too easy to be over. In comic books a problem is never solved that easy and I felt a little underwhelmed.

This is part of the Secret Wars event and like all of the comics involved in that event. I wanted more and wanted to explore a different kind of comic.  They put me in this really cool world and do a really good job with the comics, but then they end it. I really want a part two of the story.

I found the story well written, characters acted true to character and the wild west world seemed correct too.  The only problem I found was I wanted more of everything, but not a bad comic at all.


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