Check Out This Alice In Wonderland-Themed Garden Party!



The Rose Table has made a name for itself with “Disney Dinners”, dinner parties inspired by Disney movies, and the most recent one does not disappoint! Welcome to Alice In Wonderland! No detail was too small or overlooked and proved to be a perfect very merry unbirthday celebration.

The mind behind The Rose Table is Katie-Rose Watson, and the gracious hostess decided to take the party outside of her dining room and transform her backyard into “a Mad Hatter-inspired garden party”. (A huge shoutout goes to Darling Photography TX for documenting the party with gorgeous photos.) The decor included an ornate chandelier hanging from a tree, delicate fine china settings, and colorful floral arrangements.  The guests showed up in their garden party best, taking cues from the most fashionable citizens of Wonderland.

The hostess wanted the food spread to distinguish itself from the many Alice In Wonderland-themed tea parties floating out there on the internet. So, she took inspiration from classic tea party sandwiches (cucumber and chicken salad) and parlayed it into a full dinner menu!

The first course consisted of Chilled Cucumber Soup whimsically served in tea cups. The entree, a Deconstructed Chicken Salad that included grilled, marinated chicken, and grilled sprigs of grapes. And for dessert, “Painting The Roses Red Cupcakes”:strawberry almond cupcakes coated in edible food spray that evoked The Queen of Hearts’ request that her white roses be painted red.

This curiouser and curiouser party was a complete success, but truth be told, I’m a little more excited about next month’s Disney Dinner since the theme will be Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. Drink up me hearties, yo-ho!

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