Westworld Season 2 Episode 4: Our Biggest Questions and Theories *SPOILERS*


The fourth episode of Westworld Season 2 dropped a lot of new information. We found out Grace is indeed William’s daughter, we found out that Elsie is still alive (and along with this some information about Bernard), and we discovered that William spent YEARS experimenting with creating the Westworld equivalent of an LMD and that’s in addition to everything else that was going on during the episode, but those 3 items are what I’m going to focus on here.

First up, let’s talk about Elsie still being alive and Bernard. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, outside of random speculation, there’s been no in-story hints leading us to believe that Elsie wasn’t killed by Bernard last season, so, the big question is, why is she still alive? Obviously, Ford had a plan for her since he had Bernard get her out of the way and chain her up in that cave, but what was that plan exactly? IF everything that’s happening now is all part of Ford’s plan, it stands to reason that for some reason, he believed Elsie would have gotten in his way with pulling off his plans, but that she was going to be needed later, and that she did. I find it unlikely that Ford would have been able to predict exactly what was going to happen and knew that Bernard was going to need her to fix him. While I don’t have any theories about Elsie, I do believe that we’re going to eventually learn that the whole series is going to come down to being more about William and Bernard than about Delores and Maeve. He had all of the techs in that lab killed and had the Drones kill themselves as well. We know that Bernard is based on Arnold and now we know that William was working to figure out how to successfully transfer Delos’s mind into a Host Body. So, is Bernard just BASED on Arnold or is he ACTUALLY Arnold with a few tweaks here and there? But also, if Bernard is able to access his own code, why hasn’t he upgraded himself?

Onto William and Mr. Delos. The episode opened with a scene reminiscent of the season premiere of the 2nd season of Lost, the scene with Desmond down in the hatch listening to a record and exercising. I’m not sure if that was on purpose or is just a coincidence, but it’s definitely worth noting. At first, everything seems normal, like William is just paying a visit to his boss/Father-In-Law, but as the scene continues, we learn that Delos had died and the man William is talking to is actually a host, and over the course of the episode it’s revealed that there have been NUMEROUS attempts to create a successful replicant of James Delos. The problem is that the host bodies are rejecting the human consciousness. Why is William doing this? I believe that he is afraid of his own mortality and is working towards being able to transfer himself into a host body in order to escape death. I also believe that the corporation has usurped his work and that we’re going to start seeing aspects of Futureworld infiltrating the show and replicants of more real people will be showing up.

Now, what about Grace? She’s spent a lot of time in the park as well. She can speak the language of the Ghost Nation and knows her way around, she’s definitely aware that something isn’t right and plans to put herself right in the middle of it as she told Stubbs that she’s not actually looking to be evacuated. We saw she had a notebook with a map, so, is she also working on the maze? Is she looking for ‘The Valley Beyond’? Is there something else completely that she’s after that we haven’t been made aware of yet? I’m not sure, but now that she’s met up with her dad I’m sure we’ll be finding out soon. The one big question I really want to find out is who’s out there trying to manipulate her and why? Before she hooks up with dude at the beginning of the episode, she wants to (and does) shoot him first to make sure he isn’t a host trying to get something out of her. So, what would they have been trying to get out of her? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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