REVIEW: Aquaman #36 Is The Only Thing Anyone Should Ever Compare “Game of Thrones” To


What am I talking about this time: Aquaman #36

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Riccardo Federici

Cover by: Howard Porter

Variant cover by: Joshua Middleton

Overall Review: 5 out of 5 Tridents

Is it worth $3.99? Hells yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Spoiler Free Review:

It’s a true shame that I haven’t written a review of any Aquaman yet, because since #25 when this whole storyline started, this title has been one of the best and most consistently amazing titles DC has to offer. I’m not a big Aquaman fan. He’s fine and all, but since this story arc I love this fushy guy to his scales!!! The art fucking rocks, daring and aggressive where it needs to be and realistic, almost cinematic everywhere else. The use of focus and angles are especially eye catching and lend itself to the story in unison. The dialogue and story are perfect.

It’s a tired comparison to say something is like Game of Thrones cause there is magic, sharp metal sticks, and crazy fantasy animals… but Aquaman is TRULY the only thing I would ever compare Game of Thrones to. Not because of the subject matter, but because of the story telling. The things that Game of Thrones nails; it’s characters, it’s political maneuverings, and the way a story unfolds exactly how you know it will and yet soooo entertaining and satisfying… those are the things that Aquaman does right. The world building and rules set up support and draw you into Atlantis, the characters are true to themselves and as fascinating as the adventures that change them. Aquaman is an amazing book and if you aren’t already, read the fuck out of it.

Spoilery Review:

Aquaman’s revolt against King Rath is going well. Old enemies have become allies, but will it be enough. Of course it will, but Aquaman doesn’t know that as he and Commander Murk use the ol’ “Aquaman is my prisoner” trick. This would be a stale ruse, but the dialogue is so god-damn good! They get in and Murk as Aquaman discuss what needs to be done. Murk is clear, Kill King Rath is the only way, while Aquaman agrees, he also scrambles to find another course of action. Murk chides him for this, saying that his hesitation will be his downfall.

Meanwhile, at the Tower of Widowhood, the magic school politics are muddling the waters as Vulko, King Shark, Dolphin, and the Widowhood try to find a way to defeat the king’s magic. Dolphin discovers an old text and they go down to the foundation again.

Side note: The foundation is the site of one of the best early story arcs in this series. The concepts of ghosts that live there forever protecting the realm and still slowly decay. The only way to defeat them is to say their name, which gets harder as they decay… sooooooooo good.

Anyway, the ghost claim they can’t help…. Waaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaah

Back in throne room, King Rath is a monster now… not just in character, but a real monster and killing everyone.

Just everyone. Murk goes in thinking he can take him alone and gets the shit kicked out of him, Aquaman saves him and is about to kill Rath when he.… hesitates. Waaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaah

Rath smacks Aquaman around and is about to kill both him and Murk… to be continued.

Seriously, this summery doesn’t do it justice. Read the fucking comic. Bennie Fowler III Authentic Jersey

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