Disney Heroes Battle Mode: My First Thoughts Of The Game


Disney and Perblue Entertainment’s newest RPG mobile game, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has just been released, and compared to the other Disney games I’m also playing right now, this is my favorite one out of the 3 I’m playing.

The first thing I noticed when I initially downloaded it to my Amazon tablet, the graphics and the gameplay mechanics are really smooth. Most games I have played, the graphics are nice, but they sometimes aren’t that smooth. But the mechanics are really smooth, and the graphics are nice and clear and very HD, which I love.

The story for the game is amazing. You are manning your own team of Disney and Pixar characters to stop a virus that has spread and there are evil versions of the heroes that they have to fight. So far I’ve fought evil versions of Dash, Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Elstigirl from “The Incredibles”, Vanelope from “Wreck-It Ralph”, and Yax from “Zootopia.” And there are more evil characters to fight in the game.

The way the characters level up is very cool. Every character starts off as a white promoted character, and once you collect the 6 badges that every character needs, they get promoted up to green. Currently, Frozone and Wreck-It Ralph are 2 of the 5 characters I have unlocked in the game, and they are currently promoted up to green, and they are on the way to becoming Blue leveled characters next.


There are 3 separate campaign modes you can play: Normal, Elite, and Friends. The normal campaign is what I’m currently playing, and it is so much fun. With the Normal Campaign, it is basically your main progression, and here you will be able to follow the game’s story while earning badges to promote your heroes. With the 3-star campaigns, those levels allow you to enable raiding. And with raiding, you can earn badges quickly.

With the Elite Campaign, you are able to collect hero chips to evolve your heroes. And each campaign will usually feature one hero, so you want to make sure you focus all of your efforts on that hero first. But you will need to complete the normal levels first before doing the elite levels.

And the other campaign mode, which I’m excited about is the Friends Campaign. This campaign mode will be unlocked at level 30, but after you get it unlocked, you will be able to unlock specific hero friendships at different team levels. Each of these friend campaigns will tell a story about the relationship between the 2 characters. And for every battle, both heroes will be required, but some battles will allow additional characters to join. And like elite, you will have to finish the Normal Campaign before doing the Friend Campaigns. And when you finish a friend campaign, you get a memory disk unlocked. These memory disks are a special item that can be equipped and it will be upgraded by one of the friend heroes. And each disk is both a memento of the heroes’ friendship, but it is also a powerful way to enhance their abilities.

So, all in all, this game is getting a 5/5 because the gameplay is perfect, the story is amazing, and having 3 separate modes to play is the best part of this game.

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