What Can We “Morph” from Go-Busters (A Power Rangers Beast Morphers Debate)


What can we morph from Go-Busters (Beast Morphers debate)?

After speaking with the ranger community, we discovered that their biggest concern has become the “quality of the show”. That Hashtag Show Contributors Kat and Tom took it upon themselves to debate the possible aspects of the upcoming adaptation of Go Buster, Beast Morphers.

From Kat’s Side of the Morphin’ Grid

So with Hasbro now owning the rights to Power Rangers, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: what will next season be like? Personally, I think it won’t be a complete disappoint, but let’s get this debated out and see what could happen, and probably won’t happen.

Up first: dumbing down the villain. Now, all of us older fans know every season this happens where the villain is not that menacing, but for the younger fans, if the villain is not menacing, they will love the villain character.

Next is the similar concept. Now, us fans are expecting a really good concept and story for this upcoming season. Now, it this is the case then it will be very close to the source footage, which is the original Japanese footage.

So, in the original source footage, the Silver Ranger “drinks”. Now, because we know Nickelodeon is still playing the series through 2021, there is no way that this will be shown on the show. And, ultimately it will not get added into the show at all.

And, finally the buddyroids. These characters will an essential part of Go-Buster, which is what the upcoming season is based off of. Now, depending on how their story is told, it could either make their characters essential parts of the show or their story could be completely messed up.

So, all in all, for me, this season could be a complete victory for us fans because we could finally get a season that actually has a good story, and characters and villains that we will care about.

And from The Tom’s Side of the Morphin’ Grid

I think Hasbro is going to make asome strides but its going to be hit and miss. Look at some other shows like Transformers Prime they have produced, they know how to write and not make a ton of filler episodes!

First off the Villain. Considering that Enter in Go-busters was a lieutenant to start off with then became a big bad I don’t think would be a bad idea. EXCEPT we need him to really fill those shoes, become evil, resent his master and take the position by force to become a force to be reckoned with, to be feared! We haven’t had that sense of doom in a long time! If they go with the Dark Red Go-buster then we WILL have a villain!

The concept might work but how are you going to have a show with a monster of the week aspect when the villains have several “Megazord types” that they keep using over and over? How can you sell toys based on that? We can only take so many palette swaps right Dino Charge?!

The Silver and Gold Rangers are going to be a whole other corner they have to paint themselves out of. I agree the energy drinks he loves a bit too much can be cut but the honest fact they will have to come up with entirely new morphing sequences if they stray from the original concept as you can’t have a buddyroid as your personal armory.

The buddyroids: GET rid of them! I think it’s going to be a logistical and writing nightmare to have to incorporate 4 extra characters and only one is a ranger! Smart editing or new cockpit sets will be needed. Then you have to figure out how they become their “Battleizers” in the second half of the season. Not worth it at all!

Leave your ideas for what should and shouldn’t be adapted in the comments below, we would love to hear your ideas. Blidi Wreh-Wilson Womens Jersey

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